Why Attend

What is the Digital Packaging Summit?

The Digital Packaging Summit is a unique event-and a uniquely valuable experience. As a prequalified attendee you will meet and learn from a virtual "who's who" in the label and package space.  You will have access to THE industry leaders and experts covering THE topics you need to hear about - a ll to help you make a better decision and deploy.

To ensure the Digital Packaging Summit offers the highest degree of relevancy for attendees, only senior executives responsible for the purchasing and implementation of digital solutions are invited.  This exclusive format allows you to connect with those peers whose insights you respect most - through exceptional networking, business meetings and strategic information sharing sessions.

All qualified executives receive a full participation package that includes travel, hotel accommodations, meals and networking activities. This ensures a cost-effective and quality peer-to-peer experience for attendees.  The Digital Packaging Summit has limited attendance, and is designed around the small group concept.

If you are interested in attending the Digital Packaging Summit as an executive, please fill out the Executive Inquiry form, or contact Lisa Jones at ljones@ngagevents.com.

What are the main benefits of attending?

  • Free full participation package that includes travel, hotel accommodations and meals ensuring a cost-effective experience.
  • Peer exchange sessions, industry roundtables and daily networking activities will also be featured.
  • Accelerate your strategic knowledge of available solutions, advancements and capabilities.
  • Accomplish months' worth of high-level meetings, expert insights and peer networking in just 2 1/2 days.
  • Case Study presentations by your peers and leading vendors.
  • Keynotes from leaders and visionaries in the industry.
  • Panel discussions on topics critical to your business.
  • One-to-one access to industry experts.
  • Pre-scheduled, one-on-one meetings with supplier representatives.
  • Get a concentrated overview of the next generation of inkjet solutions and trends-and give direct feedback to sponsors on their technologies, applications and services.

Case Study

What makes the Digital Packaging Summit different from other events?

The Digital Packaging Summit will assemble all key players, including user organizations, technology manufacturers, software providers and supplies vendors. The goal of this meeting is to bring these leaders together to formalize relationships across all elements of the supply chain in new and exciting ways in order to further advance the use of new digital technologies in critical market segments. Rather than just another tradeshow or exhibition, Digital Packaging is focused on building relationships so all members in these complex ecosystems can better understand and advance their needs.

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Which topics will be addressed?

The agenda is more business-intensive than any other event focusing on the labels and packaging landscape. Every day is packed with private and group meetings, presentations, content sessions, product demonstrations and networking. There is no wasted time and attendees walk away with solutions they can act on immediately.

This high-end program builds in scheduled 1:1 time and interaction between attending executives and supplier representatives. No other event delivers this level of quality meeting time among current and future business partners.

The Digital Packaging is an entry into a year-round community experience with thought leaders, major and emerging vendors and many of the nation's leading label and packaging executives. Get the online and interactive tools to stay in constant touch with colleagues, suppliers, customers, partners, consultants and industry experts.

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