Attendee Testimonials

Hear what our attendees had to say about their experience at the Digital Packaging Summit...

"Unlike trade shows, this gives us the opportunity to have meaningful discussions directly with the suppliers for our specific needs. This summit has allowed us to narrow our focus to a few suppliers that meet those needs."

Tim Hattabaugh, VP of Operations, Edelmann USA

"It's so easy to get wrapped up in working IN your business. This event allows you to step back and work ON your business. Great time and much needed networking."

Carole Sprunk, Business Development Manager, McBattas Packaging & Printing

"Thank you all for an amazing Digital Packaging Summit. This was my first time at one of these events, and hopefully not my last. After Drupa and Label Expo, I thought I had a pretty good sense of the digital technologies available in my industry, but this summit proved to be the most valuable. The format is the key. I wouldn't change a thing. Yes, we had a busy few days, but it was well worth every minute.  Digital technology is definitely in our (near) future, and I just wanted to thank you all for helping me with my due diligence. The time and effort you all put into this event is most appreciated."

Tom Staib, President, DWS Printing Associates, Inc.

"The combination of market analysis, case studies and networking was exactly the combination of inputs we needed to help us in our first digital purchase."

Kelly Weaver, CFO, Printech Label Corporation

"The Digital Packaging Summit was a great experience. The intensive learning, great people and focused environment provided the insights I was looking for. It was a very worthwhile use of time."

Michelle Leissner, President & CEO, H&H Graphics, LLC

"The advancement in inkjet technology over the last couple of years has been tremendous. This event really highlights the different growths in technology."

Andrew Kent, R&D, Prime Package and Label

"The DPS Summit offered a unique perspective into the fast growing digital packaging segments with high quality speakers & presentations. Thank you for allowing me to participate." 

Chuck Keefe, President Marathon Label

"This was the second Summit that I was fortunate enough to attend...the first one was great, this one was even better. Hard to improve on the structure and content."

Phil Edwards, President, PrintSure and PSDigital Packaging

"It was nice to have all the major digital players in one place, this made investigation much easier than flying all over the world."

James Lee, Director, Technology and Innovation, Jones Packaging Inc.

"Very seldom do you have a gathering of users, vendors & specialists willing to share critical information regarding the reasons for choosing a digital solution as well as the value of the decisions - good or bad. And doing so unguarded in a beautiful & comfortable setting."

Gerald J. Hace, President, Gooding Co. Inc.

"This was the best industry event I have attended and I have been in the industry since 1973. The process was revolutionary in terms of efficiency and effectiveness for me as a busy business owner. I have told people that I want to duplicate the concept in my world. I met with a sales rep yesterday and after 1 hour, I asked him if there was anything he was wanting to share that we could not have covered if we were only allowed 25 minutes. I then explained the DPS system and how much I appreciated experiencing it. I wish every major buying decision I have to make could be done this way. I was wowed at every part of the summit. The only thing that would of made it better would of been to of had my 30 year old son who joined the company 2 years ago there with me to allow him to see the future of our industry. I can't say enough about how impressed I was. Even the constant reminders were a great help to me. You guys killed it!"

Steve Fleissner, CEO, Model Graphics

"The digital packaging summit was a valuable tool as my company researches the digital world. Have all of the suppliers in one location focused on digital was amazing."

Brian S. Hurst, VP Manufacturing, Yerecic Label

"We have had to get into the digital packaging industry due to demand from our existing and some new clients and have just made it happen with existing equipment. We're getting by but know that we need to invest in some equipment to get to the next level. The digital packaging summit was exactly the format we needed to gather information regarding what the trends and best equipment out there are.  Thank you for creating such an informative and engaging event."

Norma Mendoza, VP Customer Solutions & Partner Network,

"The DPS was an invaluable resource for me.  It gave me the opportunity to learn about possible solutions for our next upgrade step without having the salesman pressure.  I could ask questions, make comparisons and get some valuable unbiased insight form other industry experts.  The opportunities to network with both vendors and peers were relaxed and social.  I look forward to next year's summit and what new information and friends it will bring."

Tashina Peplinski, Manager & Packaging Specialist, Graphic Edge Printing & Packaging

"Extremely well-run, very educational event all the way around!!!  My only regret is that there wasn't a Digital Packaging Summit six years ago when we first got into digital printing!!!"

Mark Turk, President/CEO, International Label & Printing Co., Inc.

"I have attended many events during the past 20 years. Most have been at very desirable locations. The Digital Printing Summit tops every event I have ever attended. From Meetings, to one on one, to case studies, to location, and to meals it was all top shelf and worth every minute of my time."

Jerry Haapanen, President/Owner, Haapanen Brothers, Inc.

"Very well organized event - good timing, perfect venue and its location - attendee friendly and informative."

Derrick J. Celewicz, VP of Operations, H&H Graphics, LLC.

"The 2016 Digital Packaging Summit was an excellent event.  Great format for acquiring a great deal of knowledge related to Digital Print Technology in a short period of time.  Excellent peer to peer sharing opportunities between sessions and exceptional location.  Great job!"

Robert P McJury, Partner, TLF Graphics Inc.

"The Digital Packaging Summit model provided one of the best learning experiences I have been involved with. Truly time well spent."

Paul Kelly, President, Foremost Graphics Group

"I think the Digital Packaging Summit format is very visionary.  It brings together an assortment of leaders in the world of print and utilizes excellent speakers who offer actionable, decision making content. The breakout groups and 1:1 meetings allow you to quickly determine if deeper discussions are necessary. The biggest factor I found is that there is no downtime, you're learning and networking from the time you get up to the time you get to your room."

Roger Buck, Flesh Co

"Our organization has been investigating different digital solutions but needed more clarity on the active markets and the various technologies available. The Digital Packaging Summit allowed us to finalize our decision and move forward with digital option to better serve our clients."

Dan Doherty, Executive VP of Operations/Principle, Prairie State Impressions    

"We have been talking about getting into digital printing, but have not yet made the move so this summit came at the right time. It provided a wealth of information from various view points in a short amount of time. The schedule was well thought out and proved to be not only productive but also a lot of fun."

Rick Peters , VP & General Manager , The Shelby Company

"Being able to network with like-minded individuals heavily involved in the industry was extremely insightful. Having all the possible vendors you want to talk to, brought to you in one location was great!"

Steve Kirchof, Vice President/Operations Manager, Labels in Motion

"I believe the conference was a huge success. The sessions were well planned and the presenters were very prepared. Next year's committee will have a hard time topping this conference. Thanks for an awesome learning experience!"

Kelly Cart, Digital Support Manager, Discount Labels

"It was wonderful speaking with printers about their experiences and challenges.  I learned a lot and made some amazing contacts that should benefit both of our businesses.  I really appreciate the opportunity to attend."

Diane Barton, Associate Director of Graphics, Perrigo Company

"The summit taught me how to market digital to our customers as a solution not just for short run jobs."

Christopher Che, President/CEO, Hooven Dayton Corporation

"The first annual digital packaging summit was extremely informative.  The information shared indicated how large the future opportunities are and the wide variety of packaging and label applications that have potential for digital.  In addition to showcasing what can be converted from traditional to digital, many vendors and customers shared what can only be done by digital and how new and unique offerings can be created.  This segment of print is growing and provided attendees more confidence in the market and understanding of what will be necessary to be successful.  I look forward to this conference again next year."

Raj Garg, President, Garg Distinctive Dimensions LLC

"The event was much needed for the entire packaging supply chain.  Bottom line, I met people who helped me better understand what's available and where digital is going."

Mark Glendenning, CEO, Inland

"I honestly came for the golf, I was pleasantly surprised how extremely beneficial it was.  I felt disappointed it was over.  I had more questions!"

Robert Tenney, President, The Mid-York Press, Inc.

"I came to this conference looking for some specific answers on the future direction of digital production...and I got lots of answers.  In depth conversations with suppliers and industry consultants, and the opportunity to connect with peers in a relaxed, intimate, non-competitive context.  Content rich and thoroughly enjoyable."

Brad Elledge, Director of Continuous Improvement, Nosco

"I gained additional knowledge surrounding color management and equipment technology to assist in our company's decision making process for further capital investments."

Rocky E. Rahija, President/CEO, Flextec Corporation

"The event was like drinking water from a fire hose. Fast paced and well worth the time."

Dwane Wall, President, Creative Labels of Vermont

"The Digital Packaging Summit was an exceptional event! I have never been to an event that covered so much in such a short time. The peer networking opportunities and broad spectrum of vendor information available was second to none."

Scott Cotton, Vice President, BP Solutions Group, Inc.   

"The only conference I have attended (and made a speaking contribution) that exhibited intensity consistency with the value of the information disseminated and desired by the attendees. Bravo."

Phil Edwards, Owner, PrintSure, llc

"I learned more than I ever thought possible!"

Mark Turk, President/CEO, International Label & Printing Co., Inc.

"I have chaired and spoken at many conferences on this topic and while most were good events they were one dimensional with information coming down from the podium or 'snip-its' from tabletops during breaks. This is a totally different kind of event that immerses the attendees and sponsors in a bi-directional dialog that benefits both. The information sharing and 'roll your sleeves up' interaction that occurs leaves everyone with extensive "to do" lists. The 'deep dive' format and informational exchange is just what the fast changing package printing industry needs right now."

Kevin Karstedt, CEO at Karstedt Partners LLC and chair of the 2015 Digital Packaging Summit

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